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Attractions Overview

When it comes to Jinan, no one does not think of its springs. This old city with the first spring in the world has given people a lot of thoughts. The springs are mainly concentrated in the city center. Walking around the moat, you can basically visit the general attractions in one day. In addition, the attractions on the outskirts of Jinan are mainly concentrated in the south, especially with the Qianfo Mountain as the midpoint. The safari park will make you immersive, and the Red Leaf Valley will make you fascinated in the romantic colorful valley... Basically 2-3 days is enough.
However, Jinan, which has a history of more than 2,700 years, has more precious cultural relics worth pursuing. Such as Shun Geng Mountain, Shun Jing, Eying River, and Shun Temple, including the Great Wall of Qi (3rd century BC) that preceded the Great Wall of Qin, and the oldest ground house building in China, the Stone Temple of Guo's Tomb in Xiaotang Mountain of the Han Dynasty (AD 1st century BC), the oldest stone pagoda in China, Liubu Simen Pagoda in Sui Dynasty (7th century AD), and the Song Dynasty colored sculpture Arhat (11th century AD) in Lingyan Temple, which is known as "the first sculpture in China".

Must-see attractions TOP5

1Jinan Qianfoshan Scenic Area882 reviews

Jinan's three major scenic spots, climb to the top to overlook the panoramic view of the city


2Daming Lake Scenic Spot2932 reviews

One of the three famous scenic spots in Jinan, it is also the place where Qianlong met Xia Yuhe in Qiongyao drama